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  1. Day 5️⃣3️⃣: I loveeeee Saturday's when I have them all to myself 💖 I was so productive today and productivity is literally what keeps me going. If I had a lazy Saturday, my motivation would have gone down the drain. Instead, I wrote my LAST PAPER EVER, meal prepped, got my car washed, and tried looking for a graduation dress (failed, but oh well). If you're productive, I promise your motivation for A LOT of things will increase. I'm walking proof of that because I can tell a HUGE difference in my motivation on days I keep busy and on my lazy days. Always down to lay around and watch movies, don't get me wrong 😋 BUT it's always good to keep yourself in check and be productive ✅ Think about what keeps YOU motivated and ways you can hold yourself accountable to stay motivated. Productivity is what does it for me. Do you make to-do lists? Give it a try. Do you wake up an extra 30 mins early every day just so you can sip your coffee without feeling rushed? Wouldn't hurt to give it a shot. Do you allow 10 minutes of your day to be spent reading a book? Maybe it'd be worth it. It's honestly the little things that keep you moving in life 🌀 Tip💥 If you change one little thing about your day that could benefit you psychologically or physically, like praying for 2 minutes or stretching, it could impact your life tremendously. I used to ALWAYS wake up 30 mins before class. Now I wake up 2-3 hours before class and it has changed my life so much. I get so much more done and I can tell my happiness has increase like crazy. Trying something new in your daily schedule could be a life changer believe it or not 🌼 #fit #fitspo #fitfam #fitness #fitgirl #fitlife #fitnation #fitspire #fitspiration #healthylifestyle #picoftheday #motivation #productivity #girlswhobodybuild #girlswithmuscles #girlswholift #bodybuilding #bodybuilder

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  1. Fix Your Form Series | 2 - ✖️PREACHER CURL ✖️ - For some its incorrect form. For others it's ego lifting. Preacher curls are an exercise that is commonly performed incorrectly. The clips marked with an "❌" are a couple of examples & there are several things wrong with them. - 1️⃣Half or even quarter looking reps (poor ROM) 2️⃣Elbows and upper arm flying off the pad. 3️⃣Using momentum to swing the weight up (every rep) 4️⃣Squeezing too hard with the hands which causes forearms and delts to come into play, taking tension off the biceps. - The video marked with a "✅" is how I like to perform the exercise & how I teach it to clients. - 1️⃣For most people (especially beginners) starting with a lighter weight is advised. 2️⃣While seated, lean slightly forward to grasp the barbell with a shoulder width supinated grip (palms facing you,) your shoulders should be down and away from your ears. This is your starting position. 3️⃣Keep your tricep and upper arm on the pad and limit upper arm movement. 4️⃣Start curling the barbell until your forearms are close to or perpendicular with the ground. 5️⃣Squeeze the target muscle group hard and hold at the top position for 1-4 seconds 6️⃣Once you’ve contracted the biceps, lower the bar down in a slow and controlled motion back to the starting position. (I like to pause at the bottom for 2-3secs also) 7️⃣Repeat for desired number of reps - 🙋COMMENT below if you have a video request or suggestion. 🗣TAG a friend that needs to see this.

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