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  1. ROLLS. A sweet girl asked me today if I had stomach rolls when I did squats. I said, "yes of course." But what I should have said is that I always have rolls. It makes me, ME. Even at 118 lbs, I have rolls when I bend over, when I have tight pants on, when doing squats, and at the end of the day. I love eating rolls as much as having them. I used to be so self conscious of my body because of the way the media made me feel. "Girls should be size zero." "Girls should have curves." "Girls shouldn't have cellulite." Well hate to face it media, I'm a size 4 (6 after pizza 🍕), I do not have curves anywhere, and I do have cellulite. And it's nothing to be insecure about. I'll never be what the media tells me to be. Someone will see this and say, "another skinny girl showing fake rolls." (a comment I get every time I post something like this). And skinny is STILL body shaming. I am me. You are you... And together, WE ARE NORMAL. Photoshop isn't what makes us perfect, our "rolls" are what make us perfect. ✌️