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  1. If #friyay means takeaway 🎉😋🎉 it can still be #fatburningfood! Convenience is the most common reason for resorting to refined food. ☹️🍔👎🍕☹️ In Healthification PODCAST 122 I’m transforming 3 favs: #SUSHI, #BURGERS and #PIZZA ! 👍🎯😋🎯👍 Fab whole food switches: => Switch a burger bun for 2 portobello mushroom caps. => Switch potato chips for crispy brussels or kale chips. => Switch pasta for a bed of greens like: asparagus, snow peas, green beans. AND Switch your mindset from refined-whatever-seems-quick-and-easy-mentality to "What can I eat instead, that going to provide my body with great fuel and taste great?" 👊💕😋💕👊 (👉Search 'Healthification' in iTunes to listen to the Podcast) #plantfood

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