5 1 26-04-2017
  1. Cheeeeeese tarts! I finally found a place in Beijing that actually does a decent job. Tastes great straight from the oven but will have try refrigerating it next time to see which tastes better

5 2 26-04-2017
  1. The beginning of one epic meal in Kyoto! We started with some sashimi, wagyu hotpot, fish rice cooked in broth, baked crab and cheese, king crab legs and generous servings of Sake!

17 3 26-04-2017
  1. We call this dish 'Jumpin' Monkey' cause it's banana bread, and monkeys like bananas (everyone knows that), and it's with espresso salted caramel, which we think would make the monkey jump or at least dance a little bit. But maybe he'd rather just sit and read his paper, and leave us to our gross stereotypes. In saying that, 'Monkey sitting quietly reading paper & sipping espresso' doesn't have the same ring to it. Disclaimer: we at Proud Mary do not condone giving espresso to monkeys (or any other animals).

28 1 26-04-2017
  1. Check out @chefkirk_w's Wild Scottish Salmon and Beetroot dish in the WWF Sustainable Seafood Cookbook!