0 0 23-04-2017
  1. Today, I had no intentions of hitting the gym, but was swayed by my daughter to get my butt up and go with her. Sometimes we inspire others and sometimes we need that inspiration ourselves. We are all here to help and motivate each other and what could have been a lazy day, for me turned out to be a great sweaty workout 💪💕 #gymmotivation #pushpullgrind #gymshark #beastmode #fitgirl #girlswithmuscle #girlswholift #motivation #eatcleantrainmean #trainhard #getfit #noexcuses #bossbabe #abs #supplements #beachbody #physique #bettereveryday #shredded #grind #gains #bodybuilding #pumped #flex #fitchick #fitnessmodel

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  1. It's okay to lose control and let loose every once in a while. I am blessed to have everything had such great friends and family to celebrate my birthday with. We had a blast celebrating that's for sure. 🍾 - Buuuut, tomorrow is back to business. I slacked in the gym and the kitchen this week. tomorrow's gonna be a busy day, starting with an a.m. session with the trainer and then meal prepping and homework all day long. - It felt good to loosen the reigns a bit this past week but I'm excited to get back to a set schedule this next one😂💪

8 1 23-04-2017
  1. Leggggs earlier today 🔥🔥🔥 Just a few things I was able to record , but not even half my workout. Maybe one day I'll find a swolemate who will train with me and help video instead of me trying to prop my phone up on whatever I am able to find to make it work 😆😂