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  1. °This four-fold slide illustrates the four types of students. The first has an overflowing cup, symbolizing the taking on of new information without having made adequate use of the information already acquired. This is the person who is "doing too much". They want to know about this and that, but they do not know about those other things which they have been meaning to study for months or even years. This cup is brought down by first turning off the faucet of overflowing water and dealing with what is already there, then growing from it and examining the progress made. The second has their glass full. They are in bed with a belief that they know all there is to be known. When someone presents them with ideas, because they already have a preconceived notion that any new information is insignificant, they do not even consider it, and will even give the impression of knowing it already. This student has given Divinity to intellect, and feels accomplished due to a vast collection of information, yet no true knowledge concerning its practical application. This is balanced by recognizing that as a student you don't know everything, and in order to advance one must have an open mind and an open heart to make oneself able to receive new light along with life experiences and spiritual practice. The third one has a half glass, and this is a great place for the intelligent student. The student knows how to fill their glass, drink what is necessary for the given moment, let the water nourish the body, and examine how the effect of the water on the body. This is an advanced student, and, while recognizing that they do not know it all, identify that there are specific things that they need to be working on for the purpose of self mastery and remain focused on their particular discipline(s). The fourth has an empty cup. This is the master student;the true Magician. This is the student you give a task to and they're finished before you can blink. They are adept in their path towards light, and have no desire to prove to anyone how much they know. The condensation on the glass as proof of their experience. That is the ideal state::: #Gnosis

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  1. Celebrating my babes birthday here in Portland. The most amazing woman I have ever met. Everyday is a blessing as long as your here with me. I am so grateful to have you in my life and I hope your enjoying your celebration. Love you. Happy 25th @lovelyaliice #alchemy #quote #magic #meditation #spiritual #sacredgeometry #wisdom #knowledge #energy #chakra #christ #kundalini #sol #love #evolution #gnosis #thirdeye #pinealgland #crystal #light #divine #egypt #philosophy #enlightenment #occult #yoga #yogi #art #universe #synchronicity