11 1 29-05-2017
  1. On the left, my pictures from July 2016, pregnant and with extra 40 lb. On the right my pictures from May 2017. I had a hard time with all this extra unwanted weight that didn't want to leave me even after giving birth. I was not happy with the way I looked, I would get frustrated every time I tried my clothes from before pregnancy and it wouldn't fit and every time I would look at my stomach it was big and would make me feel pregnant still, actually I told myself "OMG, not even when i was 3 months pregnant my stomach was that big". I tried and tired but nothing I did really worked. Then a friend helped me through an online group where I learned how to eat healthy, and she shared with me a great way to find and to do my workout with a personal coach and my favorite workout program wherever I am and whenever I want. She inspired me and she does it everyday. Now I want to help others the same way she did it to me, just because I know how it changed my life and how great it is. If you need help to start a journey on a healthy and fitness level, just text me and I am sure I can help you. Wish you all a beautiful day! #myjourney #mylife #me #fitness #fitnessmotivation #healthylife #healthier #happier #fitmom