0 0 21-04-2017
  1. You. Guys. Oh my goodness. This Plexus stuff is legit. Like, for real. I skipped the link drink this morning and didn't think much of it. I don't know why, but even if I *know* something's working, on some subconscious level I still don't really believe it is? I don't know. Anyway, you know when that time of the month is coming and you lose all care of what you're eating? It's not just me, right? Anyway, checking out at HEB I opened a box of crackers and before I knew it I was consuming them-I mean like without care sucking them down. I've got 2 more stores to go to and I straight up drove home to get my drink. And not to make some statement so I could post it-but legit bc I don't want to lose my mind today fighting off being a food vacuum. So yes, I unashamedly sell Plexus now😂 • • • #health #incontrol #mom #saynotocravings #drinkup #groceryshopping #kids #happyfriday #friyay #allnatural #lovingit