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  1. PULL-UPS VS. CHIN -UPS🔥⬇️⬇️ . Here's a throwback video of @mannyaina performing a pull-up and a chin-up!⏪ The primary target of ‘pull-ups’ and ‘chin-ups’ is the latissimus dorsi muscle. The latissimus dorsi muscle (commonly referred to as the ‘lats’) is a large, broad flat muscle on the back. 💪🏾💪🏾 This muscle works to extend, internally rotate and adduct the arm at the shoulder joint.📚 In this video, we have @mannyaina performing wide-grip pull-ups in the first clip, and then close grip chin-ups in the second clip. The key difference between ‘pull-ups’ and ‘chin-ups’ is the increased activation of the biceps when performing close grip chin-ups. 💪🏾💪🏾This is due to the closer, supinated grip, as we know that the biceps brachii muscle is activated by supination (palms facing up). ✊🏾However, both wide grip pull-ups and close grip chin ups will activate both the lats/biceps. Pull-ups are regarded as the best lat-builder, however, if you control the amount of anterior pelvic tilt during the pull-up, it is also an amazing low-ab exercise. 🔑📚Therefore, strengthening the lats can lead to increased deadlift and squat numbers due to this increased core-stability. 🏋🏾🏋🏾It is important to keep the chest up and pull through your elbows when performing pull-ups and chin-ups. Brace the glutes and abs to ensure that you do not swing the knees up for momentum. ❌