6 0 29-05-2017
  1. Crazy... I played my last gig for my tour in London last night at @jazzrefreshed and one of my last tracks was Run Away by @georgia.muldrow ~ I'm just waking up now with Run Away relooping in my head, and I pick up my phone to check my feed and the first thing that pops up is this!!What a great way to start my day and journey back home! For the record, this woman is one of my favorite artists, she's nothing short of the word GENIUS. Those that know her, know exactly what I'm talking about! #queenmuldrow #inspirational #shegotthatfonk #yallbetterrecognize #someothaship #giveusmoremusic 🙏🏿

30 2 29-05-2017
  1. #mondaymotivation 💫 going to count my avocado shorts as sportswear because - are you even fitness if you don't have an avocado obsession? slow and steady wins the race when it comes to changes in your appearance 💓