55 1 27-04-2017
  1. Haven't done a post like this in a while but here's an edition of "same shirt, leaner body." I use pictures like these to remind me that I'm on the right track with my balanced way of living and eating. The scale isn't everything and the inches I've lost mean more as I do see a difference in my body comp compared to last year. โ€ข Yet what means even more than that is that I live an active life, am able to move my body without aches and pains and don't have to restrict myself. I do my best to make healthy choices most of the time with room for wine, sweets, and pasta when it comes up. I'm sure I could be slimmer and more muscular if I wanted but I like being able to eat a burger in front of my boyfriend, going to restaurants with friends without stressing out about menu options. Id probably be miserable if I limited myself to food out of tupperware containers, never eating any carbs and putting the gym over creating memories with friends/family. For me, those sacrifices aren't worth it just to see my abs, fit a size 0, and see an "ideal" number on the scale. Especially if I'd have to fight to maintain those results. โ€ข These days I feel less guilt when I miss a workout or eat some cake or enjoy a cocktail. These days, I'm doing my best to focus on LIVING, creating more memories with people I love, and loving my body with its rolls, folds and imperfections. Part of making health and wellness a LIFESTYLE means finding ways of living, eating, moving, and caring for ourselves that are realistic and SUSTAINABLE in the long-term. #radiantshape #bodypositive