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  1. Congrats to our good friend @jasminecrowe ... While many are proud because they got a new phone... new Js...etc.. I'm proud to know that I served thousands of people who needed a meal with someone who has just locked her place in the books as someone who can now potentially serve millions! That's #Success Look at God! @Regrann from @jasminecrowe - Tonight I won first place at the #atlthinks pitch competition for the Atlanta airport. This is so major I'm still trying to grasp it. This means we get to work with the worlds busiest and most efficient airport to recover surplus food and get it people that are food insecure. Thank you to all the judges and all of the supporters of @goodrfoodrescue! I've been feeding people for years and when I think of the waste and the number of people that go to bed hungry every night it angers me. Food Waste and Hunger are the world's dumbest problems and I won't rest easy until I know I'm solving this problem for millions of people. I just want to say to all of my fellow social entrepreneurs, never let people tell you your idea isn't scalable or that they don't see how you'll make a profit. Remain focused on the impact and keep going. I'm going to continue to show the naysayers, because I couldn't tell em'. #goodrfoodrescue #goodrapp #socialimpact #hunger #foodwaste #atlanta #whyiloveatlanta #goals #blessed #entrepreneur #businesswoman #hustlehard #glowup #grateful - #regrann

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