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  1. We are super excited to officially have our very first International de Been Academy on board! Welcome to the team @debeenjiujitsuindonesia ! Looking forward to a great and promising future ahead 💪 Repost @debeenjiujitsuindonesia formerly known as HLBJJ has become a full Academy of Peter de Been Jiu-jitsu of @debeenjiujitsu.hq Australia. The Academy will be under the watch of Peter de Been of de Been 100% Jiu-jitsu. Peter de Been is a direct lineage of Carlos Gracie Jr. Our students will follow, compete (IBJJF), and to be evaluated under \"de Been Jiu-jitsu Academic Standard\". Peter de Been is a 4th degree Black Belt under Carlos Gracie Jr. He was the first non-Brazilian to gain a Blackbelt out of Brazil. Look out for our new website. For more information about Peter de Been Jiu-jitsu Australia go to www.debeenjiujitsu.com

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  1. Stumbled onto an idealistic cause @husksware_singapore , these guys are about 🌏 friendly kitchenware, while not compromising on quality. It's not Jiujitsu related but it is nice to see fellow idealists wanting to do good for this world. Go green, give it a shot. Planning to use it for homecooked meals, especially when there is a need for weightcuts. #savetheearth #huskware #gogreen #planetfriendly #captainplanet #kitchenware #bjj #bjjlifestyle #bjjapparel #bjjjourney #grappleforhope #jiujitsu #jiujitsulifestyle #weightcut

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  1. So, I haven't been active here for awhile. So many reasons, most of them amazingly good and related to future job endeavors. Basically, another dream come true.. Stay tuned! On a more depressing note, I underwent surgery yesterday. I wrecked my knee a couple of weeks ago and it was severe enough to require two reconstructive surgeries. I am confident that I will be back to decent form and capacity sooner than expected! With a crew like mine, I am not concerned. Don't worry, though. Meanwhile, I will focus even harder on teaching and developing my students! I did not choose the Jiu-jitsu lifestyle. It chose me. 📸:@pauldelvalle