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  1. Grateful that this quote found me today. 😊 . I was feeling a bit under the weather today and a little down. Then I received a call from my mother. She always knows just what to say to make me feel a little better. . Words are powerful. They're especially powerful when they are used to brighten someone's day. . Always remember how powerful you are. . You have the power to support and inspire someone each and every day. . How wonderful is that? ❀ . #givingbackwithgail #words #power #support #inspire #karensalmansohn

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  1. Self-love is not that simple, is it? It's an up and down roller-coaster and I've never been a huge fan of the drops. I used to suck in my stomach and beat myself up in workouts (which I am happy to say I don't do this on purpose anymore and that now I workout for strength and positivity reasons). I haven't posted many pictures of myself because of past insecurities over acne, the shape of my body, the size of my nose, and the shape of my smile and teeth. But lately I've really been working on self-acceptance and self-love. My "flaws" do not have to be flaws. That's my choice and I can choose to view myself differently. And I know I still have things to work on, but I'm proud of the progress I have made so far. So to anyone who might read this, I hope you embrace everything about you. Embrace your personality, intelligence, passions, appearance, and "flaws". You are unique, important, beautiful, and worthy of self-love. I was inspired to do this post by Veronica Roth's #literaryselfie post. She wrote some wonderful words I'll share below: "I have always-- even though it's probably irrational-- felt too tall/broad/muscular, and maybe too "masculine," too, to really be happy with my appearance. As I've gotten older, that's started to change. And pictures can help with that. I mean, the world can and does step on us regularly. Why not fight back with acceptance and encouragement?" #selflove #selfacceptance #positivity #kindness #words

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  1. Reading letters from children after speaking to them about bullying and kindness is one of the sweetest things life can offer. 😭

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  1. He brings me flowers for no other reason than they make me smile. πŸ’πŸ˜ŠπŸ’— Living a healthy life isn't just about nutrition and physical activity. It's about finding and nurturing healthy relationships - surround yourself with positive, supportive, and loving people.