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  1. THE SMILE It's primary use is to physically communicate good nature to others. The picture reminds us of that. For many it is a way to elevate moods, productivity and confidence. For some however, it has another use. The warrior smiles as he finds himself pressured, stressed and behind the curve. When the storm hits, the warrior hits back. The curves of their face indicate an acceptance of struggle and a willingness to face the threat. It also displays the ability to take the demon by the throat and lessen his aura. The ability to shrink the seriousness of battle while maintaining focus on their target is a power of the warrior. The warrior smiles, the situation almost becomes fun. A sense of craving appears with just one gesture. #CraveTheBattle -Powerful @davecamarillo

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  1. Every day Bean tells me he has to train to be a master of Kung fu. Despite popular belief, I don't have martial arts training. Most of the #kungfu moves he knows are from movies that he's seen. He'll be very disappointed when he realizes that he can't win battles with them. Either way, I'm very impressed that he learned to #frontflip on his own. @mrshengone

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  1. El maestro de Taichi,He Zichu lleva más de 60 años practicando Taichi. Cree que practicar Taichi puede fortalecer tanto el cuerpo como el espíritu. Ya tiene muchos discípulos, entre los cuales hay chinos y extranjeros de diversas edades. El más pequeño sólo tiene 7 años, mientras que el mayor ha vivido ya 66 primaveras. Suele enseñarles en un parque. #CGTN #CGTNenEspañol #China #中国 #Taichi #Kungfu #discípulos #太极 #武术 #打拳