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  1. The C&T team has been traveling the East Coast the past few weeks. Our offices are located in the Southwest, but travel is in our nature. We continuously strive to have the top branded goods in the industry and we aren't afraid to adventure the globe to find them. 😉 . . . . #trulyremarkable #brandedgoods #travelstoke #adventureculture #fromwhereidrone #oceanside #eastcoast #rhodeisland #adventurethatislife #abovetheclouds #roamtheplanet #letsgosomewhere #discovermore #theoutbound #exploretocreate #cloveandtwine

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  1. [English below] Siguiendo por el corredor del Hexi me trasladé a Jiayuguan, conocida por su emblemático fuerte color arena y la extensión oeste de la Gran Muralla. Este era, desde que China fue unificada, el límite entre el territorio conocido y las salvajes praderas habitadas por otros reinados considerados una amenaza latente. Llegar aquí me hizo sentir un poco más cerca del desierto, de esas tierras vacías que de repente podían divisar grupos de jinetes con sus caballos al galope en buscar de nuevas tierras... o de caravanas de camellos a lo lejos trasladándose lentamente. ----------------------------------- Following the Hexi corridor I moved to Jiayuguan, known for its emblematic sand colored fort and the west extension of the Great Wall. This was, since China was unified, the boundary between the known territory and the wild prairies inhabited by other reigns considered a latent threat. Arriving here made me feel a little closer to the desert, those empty lands that could suddenly see groups of horsemen with their horses galloping in search of new lands ... or camel caravans in the distance moving slowly. [Jiayuguan - Gansu - China] . . . #china #silkroad #worldheritage

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