1 0 23-04-2017
  1. Just watched this movie for probably the 100th time again. But it has shaped my life in sooo many ways. First, ever since watching it, I wanted to work in the film industry which I kinda accomplished. Second it tought me that no matter what your dream is, you have to believe in yourself and even though you might not succeed at first, there will always be a second chance. And if you really want something than you will find a way 🎯 And third that there are no boundaries for love. You cannot choose who you fall in love with, but you can choose to stick together - no matter what. Thanks for this masterpiece πŸ™πŸ’– @missjuliastiles @seanpthomas #movielover #savethelastdance #lifegoals #mtvfilms #oldbutgold