2 0 22-05-2017
  1. And to think, I almost said no to going on the cruise! That no lasted maybe 8 hours. Do you find yourself arguing for your limitations (reasons why you can't do something)? This has been on my bucket list since my 20s. I am happy to say that most times I can quickly reassess and turn it around. I am excited to be here with my family members who are saying yes to their bucket list adventures too! Argue for your dreams and overcome your own objections to limitations. #sayyestolife #bucketlistadventures #notimelikethepresent #dreamtolife #liveyourdreams

3 1 22-05-2017
  1. We have just under 3 weeks until we depart from Denver and begin our roadtrip west to explore the national parks with our kids. We're fully prepared to chase the sunshine and car/tent camp until spring- but would prefer a bus or rv to sleep in, and would love your help in trying to find one. Do you know of anyone selling a bus or rv ~ $2000 cash~ that is road worthy and will sleep 4-5? Obviously, we're willing to drive for the right rig. Our plans are to buy a bus and begin conversion next spring, so we don't need anything fancy, just a solid engine to last us 10 months or so, minimum. <3 <3