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  1. WHAT TO EXPECT DURING YOUR FIRST PREGNANCY {The Third Trimester 2} Changes in your body: Abdominal achiness Fatigue Heart burns Vancose Veins Stretch Marks Bark ache Crazy dreams Clumsiness Lack of bladder Control Leaky breast. Your To Do list should be like this: 1.Keep track of fetal movement 2.Watch your weight 3.It safe to continue pregnancy safe exercises up until your due date 4. Schedule your third trimester check ups. 5. Take a hospital tour. 6. Choose your baby's pediatrician 7. Buy baby gear: Make sure you have the baby gear essentials especially a crib, stroller etc 8. Prepare to Breastfeed 9. Learn about stages of labor, consider how you would like to manage labor pain 10. Check your birth plan 11. Set up your nursery: Get all of the essentials you will need for your nursery. Don't forget baby basics like bottles, baby clothes, diapers, wipes, pacifiers and formula { if you are not planning to breastfeed} 12. Plan financially 13. Pack your hospital bag 14. Learn what happens after birth. 15. Prepare for your baby's first year. Remember @dearyoungwife we care a lot about you and your baby. We wish every young wife who is expecting a baby a safe delivery and happy parenting in advance. Don't forget to tag us in your pictures once your prince/ princess arrives. #welovebabies #pregnancies #dearyoungwives #mothersinthemaking #happymum #babygirl #babyboys #lovelychildren #cantdowithoutkids