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  1. There are 2 ways to have the biggest building in town: 1) Tear everyone else's down or 2) build yours the biggest. We believe that you should be building your own building as well as lifting others. Grow together is our mentality.

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  1. This was a truly Irish, seasonal dish. 👌🏼Roasted hake laid on top of carrot, beetroot boxty, and topped with blanched samphire. Garnished with hollandaise and a grilled lemon. Boxty is a Northern Irish potato pancake, but was evolved in this dish from other root veg. Quite clever I must say! The samphire can only be found on the shores and would be foraged for in this case. Truly special dinner @marketlanecork. #sovereignfoodie #marketlane #corkcity #corkireland #ireland #irishfood #heritage #goodfoodireland