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  1. Stop what you're doing right now! One of my favorite Hand Cremes from last catalog is almost 60% off right meow (regularly $9) 🐱 Stock up immediately because once it sells out, it's gone! #JKlarPosh #sale

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  1. Every time I get the chance I bite my lips. It's nothing to do with insecurities, I simply love biting and nibbling at my lips. That's the reason they are always chapped. I stopped using lip balms long time before because they don't have any effect except making my lips dryer. So I was extra excited to try out my first lip mask! Unfortunately I didn't get it. This fiber lip mask is from the Sephora line. It is a) way too big b) doesn't stay on the lips c) totally weird and d) boring because I had to stfu. I just can't with this mask. Except that it didn't even have no effect on the moisture of my lips. They are rather more irritated. I hated this mask. Period. A "shea" lip mask that has nothing to do with nourishing shea butter is just a joke. Took it off after 4 minutes. Shit, I still have 2 more masks of this kind AND I gifted it to my bestie before. Gotta call her now to prevent the damage. Meh. Bye.