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  1. //////////////// Once You've Hit Your Lowest, You Get To See Who Is Really There For You, It's Crazy Who Is Actually There For You, The Person You Trust And Love Most Can So Easily Leave You In A Heartbeat But Did They Honestly Love You? When They Can Easily Up And Leave You? When They Don't See Your Worth Anymore, Because You Don't Bring Their "Happiness" So They Go And Find A New, Instead Of Trying To Work Things Out They Treat You Like Shit And Blame You For Everything, It's Definitely Fucked Up, But You Can't Control What Others Think, All You Can Do Is Control How You React, In All Honesty, Expect No One Ever Staying In Your Life, Work On You, And You Alone, It's Up To You To Bring Your Own Happiness, To Make Your Own Dreams A Reality... x5/23/17x ----------------------- P.S. Be Sure To Follow All Of My Social Media Accounts To Keep Up To Date Of What I'm Working On ----------------------- #motivation #motivated #inspirational #inspire #inspired #art #mediaart #photography #photoshop #new #film #director #horror #life