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  1. [ F R U S T A T I O N] I lost it. These few days were like living in hell. I was vulnerable, I was weak, I was becoming mad. He's gone. And I don't know why. I don't know where he left... I've been crying for two nights without a reason or that's what I thought... He left me two days ago.. My soul craving for him. My mind and body telling me he leaves us in a blink... My emotions making me cried for his lost... Now I'm alone without him. Now I'm just a vessel without emotions Why did you leave me? Where did you go? Are you coming back? Does "He" hurt you so bad? Lots of questions I can't answer. He's gone ... And I can't feel it. I can't even see a glimpse of his beautiful yellow eyes. I can't see his beautiful black fur. I can't see him smiling me or growling at me. Alpha was not an alter, he was my control part. He was myself and I was also he. I lost him. I lost my controlling self... I'll be ok I think. I know "He" will come back. I already felt it. Myself being cruel. Myself being numbness and cynical. The real me. My inner Demon. Alpha was not an alter. Alpha was one of my personalities names. The one who was created when I left my normal self.. now I'm broken and it felt like someone ripped my heart. If this is a goodbye my dear mate I'll thank you for all. Thank you for protecting me, thank you for controlling me. You did a good job my loyal buddy. My first and only hero. Thank you for making me an alpha. I can't be an alpha anymore. Not without him. Not without you. So I'll hope that one day you come back. "His" presence is more strong now. But I'll be fine at least I hope to. Until then... Goodbye my precious wolf. 🐺 @__sky_flower___ sorry for worrying you up. But this is is my reason. Don't be sad. @gumdropbuddy my dear gummy. Thanks for all you did these days I can't thank you enough. ❤ @hushspace you've been a support too in this. Thanks my friend. ❤ @the_rapture_system sorry for worrying you up too because of my behavior. Ily❤ #darkquotes #whatiam #alphawolf ? #frustrated #recovery #missingit #imalligot #memyselfandi #missingwolf #innerdemons #notwithoutyou #weak #tiredasfuck #nolimits #change #imtiredoftrying #nomoregood