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  1. I have a question for you. Do you want to get healthier? I mean healthy🍌🥗🧀 Mind body and spirit? 🙆 . . Do you want to learn what it's like to challenge yourself while learning to love yourself? . . Do you want to learn the steps I've taken to live a healthy life, move your body,find your balance of love and light? . . I've created a unique group for the month of June❤️ . . This group is going to center around YOU👆🏻 . . Learning, breathing and taking the steps to become the YOU that you've been missing out on. . . I have worked with many people before, run hundreds of challenge groups, done strict group, relaxed groups . . This is going to be a new experience . . One that you have to be open to learning and growing . . Yes we will be using Beachbody programs for our workout, yes we will be drinking Shakeology because I believe it's the healthiest supplement you can consume. YES I will be teaching you the portion control program if you desire that💥💥💥 . . But...this is going to be different because we are going to focus on what YOU can accomplish and what YOU can do for yourself. . . Learning to take the reigns of your life and learning to LIVE FULLY in your own terms. . . To get into this group there are a few requirements⬇️⬇️ 1-willing to invest into yourself $160 to get started✔️ . . No this isn't free, because this is QUALITY and commitment from me and YOU. Quality products, programs, coaching and more✔️ . here's the rest💥 . . 2-you must be open to change. 3-you must be willing to accept this isn't a quick fix 4-you're ready to just learn to live and love the life you've got! 5-you're ready to smile and be proud of who you are 6-you're ready to have fun and take part of probably the most fulfilling summer ever . . If that's you, you're ready to be apart of an incredible adventure this June then let's do this. . . You already know the price, you already know the commitments needed. You've just got to say, I'm worth it. Let's do this. must be committed by May 30th. . . 📧oliversmommy0808@gmail.com . . #shrinkingprincess #mindbodysoul #challenge #selflove #believe #targetmom #plussize #tagafriend #journey #mealplanning #empower

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  1. "The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do." ~ Walter Bagehot. Embrace the disbelievers! They pressurize our purpose. They amplify our attitude. They fuel our motivational fire. Keep on movin', baby...😉 motivation #selfmotivation #health #wellness #wellbeing #hiking #nature #natureaddict #inspiration #mindbodysoul #mindfulness #minimal #minimalism #minimalist #positivity #positivevibes #positivethinking #truth #abundance #simplicity #sustainable #spiritual #highvibes #bethechange #shawangunks #minnewaska #mohonk #newpaltz #gardinerny #hudsonvalley