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  1. Won't you join us for our next professional development workshop? "Nourish Yourself" is a workshop for wellness workers who desire health, rejuvenation, compassion and wisdom for your clients AND for yourself! Details and link to registration in our bio! Do NOT miss out on this opportunity to learn from our fantastic team of experts in the areas of mind, body, stomach and spirit! #yesss

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  1. Message Tali to go! #Repost @dolife_la ・・・ A couple spots are left for the Mind, Body, Soul Retreat today! ⚡️🦄 Setting up our oil bar, essential oil workshop, meditation and a healing circle! Try @doterra oil elixirs infused with @royalsenseusa rose water + @philosophielove superfood honey. The focus is to help you feel amazing and blissed out before the week! Let go of stress, allow in peace. DM for details x #mindbodysoulretreat #healingcircle #doterra #essentialoilworkshop #mindfultherapist

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  1. This is my message to everyone today and I mean it whole-heartedly ❤️ Recognize the power you have over yourself and take control. Create a reality that feels good to you, one that makes you happy. There are a ton of things in this life that we cannot control, ourself is not one of those things. Understand the power your thoughts have and the energy they create. If something doesn't make you feel good, change it. We can make endless excuses and justify many reasons why we have to stay "stuck." Fuck that. Instead of spending so much time and energy worrying or thinking up ways things can go "wrong" use that energy to think of ways things can go right. Pull that towards you. Realize that YOU are the solution to your problem and your problem is never far from something you have created. #unfuckyourself #seriously #changeyourthoughts #changeyourlife #intutivetherapist #mindfultherapist #humanunlimited

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  1. We're thrilled to announce our presence at the first ever @mindfullivingshow in the @bdclondon! You can find us at Stand A22 on 2nd and 3rd June 2017 where we'll be offering a fantastic giveaway and an exclusive show discount on our books, as well as a Creativity Table for you to take some time to yourself and enjoy mindful activities from origami to colouring. We hope to see you there! #mindfullivingshow #mindfulliving #mindfulness #eventannouncement #timeforthemind #calm #mindfulschools #mindfuleducation #powerofthemind #psychology #emotionalwellbeing #wellbeing #mindfultherapist #mentalhealth #mindfultherapy #mindfullife #mindcoaching #inspire #happiness #empowerment #mindfuljourney #mindfulnessetc #cicobooks #mindbodyspirit #mindbodyspirithealth #mindbodysoul

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  1. Come and see Natalie Pennicotte-Collier, MindCoach & Mindful Therapist of @calmerrama talk about 'Mindfully Raising the Future' on June 2 at The Mindful Living Show. Natalie aims to positively influence the emotional wellbeing and mental wealth of the community working with pupils, parents, carers her mission is to promote + support youth mental wealth in schools, sport & business.

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  1. I worked 9 hrs today (11 with traffic) at my full-time job and now I'm home working late night on my passion projects 💻🔥 My pm focus routine: Roll intune blend on back of neck, temples and bottom of feet. Put 2 drops of frankincense under the tongue (crosses the blood -brain barrier) and put a drop in your hand + take x3 deep inhales. Diffuse citrus bliss, frankincense, peppermint (2 drops of each). Post below any natural remedies you use to help with energy and focus!

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  1. DIY wellness rollers!! 🌻🌿🌹🌸 10 ml Bottles: @therootandpetal Recipes: @dolife_la Oils: @doterra . IMMUNITY 10 drops onguard 5 drops frankincense 5 drops arborvitae FCO Roll on the bottom of feet & spine . COOL DOWN 25 drops peppermint FCO . SUNBURN 10 drops lavender 10 drops frankincense 5 drops peppermint FCO . FIRST AID 10 drops melaleuca 10 drops lavender FCO . BREATHE 30 drops breathe FCO Apply on chest & bridge of nose . OVERALL RESPIRATORY SUPPORT 10 drops lavender 10 drops lemon 10 drops peppermint FCO Apply on the bottom of feet . DIGESTION 15 drops digestzen 10 drops lavender FCO Roll on stomach . PERFUME 10 drops passion 10 drops balance 5 drops whisper 2 drops sandalwood FCO . SLEEP 10 drops serenity 5 drops vetiver 2 drops petitgrain FCO Inhale, roll on wrists, neck & bottom of feet (specifically your big toe) . MOOD 10 drops frankincense 10 drops citrus bliss 7 drops elevation FCO = Fractionated Coconut Oil . You can change the dilution ratio depending on the sensitivity of your skin. These recipes are created for teens and adults! . Which roller do you want to try?

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  1. @wanderlustfest was magical!! Here's my post festival yoga mat cleaner spray ✌️ ▫️10 drops Lavender ▫️10 drops Melaleuca ▫️Fill the rest with water