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  1. Do you find yourself wishing.... Wishing for more time playing with your kids? Wishing you didn't have to go to get another unnecessary meeting? Wishing you could turn everything off on the weekends and just relax? . You're not alone in this wishing world and given that summer is here (hello Memorial Day weekend 😍) I think it is due time we stop wishing and start living! . To put an end to schedule shaming. To endless to-do's, obligations and commitments that have no purpose with the end goal. . To end the thoughts that success is buried in an overbooked life and instead start under calendaring your planner to get more out of life. . To live with balance. Have more time for self care and most importantly enjoy more in each day. . Success can only be felt by living! Here's to being committed to #stopscheduleshaming and instead get out and live! . Make sure you follow along over at @nourishedplanner to join us for a 5 day challenge to create balance in your own life! To live fully nourished! ♥️♥️♥️

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