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  1. Sometimes (especially as a mama) it's really hard to be joyful in all circumstances. The laundry pile is overflowing, the same two pair of cleats are laying around right as you walk in the door. It's HARD, I'll tell ya! But sometimes even the slightest perspective can change your heart to be thankful for these things. Like remembering our friends that have a child in physicians care upstate and have so many unknowns or the family that lost their mom driving a bus home from a track meet this week. Lord let me never be ungrateful for these mundane things. Shift my heart to be grateful for the ones who wear the shoes and the people that make the laundry. Find joy in the chaos. Find joy in the busyness. Find joy in this growing process. Don't just continue to go through the motions, but remember God has a plan for you and those around you in this season of your life. Teach me Lord! 🙏🏽

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