0 0 01-05-2017
  1. I'm not leaving for 20 days but it is a bittersweet feeling putting my things in a suitcase that I barely wear.. I love this place more than anywhere I have ever lived and a piece of my heart will always be here!! 💜💛💚Sometimes I wish I could just stop but I know that's not happening anytime soon!! The heart needs to wonder and see the whole world round!! #nolaismyhappyplace #thiscityisalive #newolreansgirl #ifmyheartcouldmakemestay #mountaingirl #thosewhowanderarenotlost #continueonbaby #somethingislookingforme

19 1 01-05-2017
  1. As this relaxing weekend has about come to end I am super excited to be starting a new workout program! I've had it picked out for a few weeks now knowing it's a 60 day program and it'll lead right up to our summer vacation. A weekend of fun and too much good food is always a great time, but time to dial it back in! Sunday grocery shopping here I come... well after my nap 🤣

12 3 01-05-2017
  1. I'm so grateful for our family time on the weekends. Chuck and Sophia did some catch and release fishing today and it was a great morning for them. Such incredible natural beauty. Loving this sun... and the simple things in life.