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  1. Ladies! Who here is seriously ready to get back into a consistent yoga practice? After 3 solid months of practicing yoga every day I was able to... 😍dramatically increase my flexibility 😍rid myself of anxiety 😍banish my food cravings 😍develop visible tone in my body I know the benefits of practicing consistently and truly believe that anyone can do it with the right motivation. I'm starting a super fun yoga challenge next week and you should totally join! Every single day you'll be getting ✔ a 5 minute yoga video ✔ a 'pump it up' pose that provides intant toning ✔ a tip a day to get on your yoga mat The fun will kick off on Monday in our private yoga Facebook group for women. All you need to do is sign up via the link in my bio to receive your materials! Grab a cuppa tea and meet me on the mat, loves! ❤

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  1. Two years ago I started my move across country 🚗 to start a life with Justin! I don't even know how time has passed that quickly, but needless to say it has been quite the journey. Deployments, two different apartments, three jobs, lots of traveling, huge decisions to be made, and a ton of ups and downs and I still wouldn't change a thing. I followed my heart 💛and my dreams and have started and created a life with Justin and it's something not many our age can say they'd be willing to do! Life has taught me so much in these past two years, and most importantly I have learned so much about myself. I'm stronger and more confident that I ever believed myself to be! This is only the beginning and I'm thrilled to see what the next move brings! • • • • #move #moveforward #moving #psc #becomeabetteryou #bekindtoyourself #motivation #motivationalquotes #powerful #powertodoanything #southdakota #utah

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  1. Please read those 2 middle sentences out loud. I am currently reading a book that is all about encouraging people to stop doubting themselves. YOU are your own worst enemy when it come to achieving YOUR goals. Its not me. I am too busy derailing myself. I read it out loud too! We must OWN our own part we play in our lives. Fix it and move on. This is true in life, love, business, fitness goals and relationships. #takeownership #live #laugh #love #moveforward #crushgoals #nicoleduncanfit