0 0 27-04-2017
  1. B L O O M I N G H E C K. It's been a busy one, I think I've looked at about 30 different social media campaigns today. Saw off a productive work day with a chaser of Viciously-Fighting Siblings and then the unique and exciting challenge of pulling the recycle bin out of the wet concrete the builders had poured today (thanks for that, wind). Bought myself some peonies as a reward for not crying about there being concrete everywhere now (my jeans, my hair, on the cat) and I'm probably going to have a medicinal beer before wealding the nit comb at bath time because the fun never stops. #soblessed as Peter & Jane says 😂 #rant #peonies #flowers #workingmum #workingfromhomemum #mumlife #thejoyofmotherhood #selfgifting #weliketoinsta #busyday #busymom