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  1. | GLAMPING | Currently missing everything about Jamaica! Beach 🏖✔️ Sunset 🌅✔️ International friends 👥✔️ Ocean view 🌊✔️ Pina colada 🍹✔️ Reggae music 🎶✔️

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  1. I've been reading more about the geology of Oregon and it's absolutely fascinating. This gorgeous volcanic tuff ring sits 200 feet high and is about 4500 feet in diameter. It was formed by basalt magma erupting from this giant vent that grew up and out of a giant lake. The gap in the outer rim was caused by the erosion of waves. There are abut 40 in the Fort Rock basin that sits atop the Brothers Fault Zone that is all inside central Oregon's Great Basin. Could you imagine 40 island like rings as far as you could see?! Incredible.

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  1. About 2 years ago my great grandma passed on, and my family and I were convinced that every time a sparrow hung around us, that it was her visiting and checking up on her family. I've been back home for the past 2 weeks and not once did I see a sparrow. I began to worry, but every single day that I've gone to the beach, no matter what beach, I've been greeted by a turtle. As soon as we got into the water this turtle caught a wave with @josiah_maglente_tonu and swam under both of our boards as well. It was a great last day and if this was her visiting me everyday and telling me "see you later," then I can't wait to see her all summer long. #homesweethome