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  1. I just realize this is my first real post about a book! If you can't see this book is "King's Cage" by Victoria Aveyard😍😍!! I only have seven chapters left!!!! I read most of my books at night🌛🛋📚. I am a student, I have a hard time going to sleep and this is a good way to detach from the stressful day and let my body relax. I'm not a fast reader so this gives me the freedom to read as slowly as I need. The only problem is sometimes I don't go to bed on time, and wake up groggy and grumpy😓. But I still do it anyway.🤷🏻‍♀️😂 I will be doing a review on this book on my website link is in my bio. So if you want check that out you can go there. It should be up next week. #kingscage #victotiaaveyard #readingproblems #bookstagram #booklover #nightreading #sleepdeprived #noregrets #icantchange #allnighter #YA #yabooks #yalit