0 1 25-03-2017
  1. Dinner benefit tonight for our local #mealsonwheels absolutely amazing dinner. It's my new favorite date night.. proceeds benefit a GREAT cause and my belly is FULL!

4 0 25-03-2017
  1. March 24th, 2017 .. Was going home the inside way to avoid traffic and was about to pass Auntie's sushi shop. Never been here and figured I would try it. She wasn't there but the staff was nice. My server was very attentive. Wasn't in the mood for a lot of sushi rolls and craved chicken. Got the Bento C (chicken katsu, mini salad, miso soup not pictured, salmon sashimi, gyoza, cali roll, and 3 pc nigiri), baked mussels, and the fried banana with ice cream. Not too bad for the price. I loved the banana ice cream though 😋 Auntie wasn't there so I guess I could say I was a spy to see how the service was LOL 😂 . . #noms #kawaiisushi #chickenkatsu #bento #sashimi #gyoza #sushi #bakedmussels #friedbananaicecream #livinginthenoms #livininthenoment