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  1. holland elise novak. the popular girl, though not your stereotypical one. holland is an optimistic lover of everything. at age 19, she's about to finish her last year of training at the royal ballet school, where she currently resides as a ballet student on campus. her ultimate dream is to make it to the company afterward she graduates and become a principal dancer. she's trained all her life for this one goal. she's a hard worker and never gives up on a dream. being the popular girl has its cons, as holland is quite lonely and looking for friends. in case it intrigues you to know, holland is pansexual but not interested in getting caught up in a relationship, as she'd rather focus on her career. holland is a music lover, and can be classified as liking basic pop. she's a sims enthusiast, ranch dressing obsessed, and she still sleeps with stuffed animals (cute right?). when she's not dancing, you can find her eating, sleeping, playing sims, or watching endless youtube marathons. tag someone you love to make them smile! #openrp #singlerp #perrierp

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  1. i'm bored and hungry. Jungkook—👌 A childish yet free spirited guy who tells awful jokes but that won't stop him from laughing at them. He can come off a bit awkward and trust me it can be a bit uncomfortable but he tries. He can be a bit strong minded and stubborn. he is homosexual and poly. .But he has dank memes so that's lit. He is 17! Introduce yourself for a bombass friendship. #kpoprp #openrp #daddyrp #loverp #singlerp #gayrp #btsrp #seventeenrp #minyonngirp #jhoperp #5sosrp #onedirectionrp #newopenrp #kevinrp #daddrp🌸 #babyboyrp🌸 #princessrp

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  1. Someone be my friend and yes I know I follow to many people I'm workin on it