1 1 23-04-2017
  1. Hai Hai's Chicken Ramen 🍜 This is quickly becoming a favourite haunt for the family. A late afternoon ramen craving brought us to Hai Hai in Paddington where I finally got my chopsticks in a bowl of their Chicken Ramen. 🍜 The beautiful, light, and flavourful broth seemed to automatically lift my spirits. I mean if chicken soup feeds the soul, I reckon chicken ramen makes it fly! 🍜 With Chashu chicken, menma (bamboo) shallots, and a wonderfully cooked egg, everything hit the spot perfectly this afternoon. Usually served with thick, wavy noodles, I swapped it with thin straight noodles simply out of preference. 🍜 A bowl of ramen always seems to make things right for me and somehow, this bowl, on this afternoon, took that high to a whole new level. Perhaps that's why the place is called Hai Hai?πŸ˜‹ 🍜 Itadaki masu! - Leland

8 1 23-04-2017
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