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  1. Picture this: You are rushing about this morning trying to get ready for work. You drop your phone and it lands hard, corner down, on your toe. "Ow! Ow!" you shout. You sit down and massage it and your two year old comes and looks at you with a quizzical look. You explain what happened, she leaves. Then a few minutes later while you're up in front of the bathroom mirror, that same two year old comes in. She's removed her precious plastic Sesame Street band aid from her puppy dog who "got hurt" last night, and is putting it on your toe. She didn't say anything, just put it on, gave it a little tap, and walked off. Absolutely wonderful. 😊😊😍😍 #twoyearold #twoyearsold #empathy #consciousdiscipline #respectfulparenting #parenting #love

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  1. Sometimes getting our kids to eat veggies is a struggle! These yummy green pancakes are the perfect way to squeeze some in🌱 Get the recipe on the blog today. Link in profile.

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  1. This is a cube of raw rocky road Turkish delight chocolate cake from @fundieswholefood in #Paddington. It was delicious. See, One of my sisters knew I was on the edge with commitments and pressures. So she sent a package πŸ“¦ with a gift and a card with $15 inside with directions: have coffee and cake on me....* * See, being a single mum (being a parent full stop) is really.hard.work. At times. It's really intense. Suddenly you need 3 times as much money and you have a third of the time available to make it. But It's incredibly rewarding and humbling and strengthens ones character for sure, and I can say honestly that my son knows, accepts and understands me as a person more than anybody else I know. He is my little light. My motivation often. The reason I am still alive and strive for self betterment always. I am conscious I am his role model always. That awareness is paramount. It's the most massive responsibility. It's also a lot of pressure not to fuck up. And not fucking up is also kind of impossible too. Thanks Mel for this coffee and cake on you, and thanks for being the universal messenger to let me know I'm doing okay as a human and a mother. I really appreciate it. I will pay this forward..... when the time is right, to someone who needs a universal message and a coffee and cake break for timeout. #gratitude #sister #friendship #parenting #vegancake #rawcake #rockyroad #turkishdelight #rawturkishdelight #rawrockyroad #fundies #fundiespaddington #fundieswholefood