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  1. Does this picture look familiar: a child being ignored by his or her mum and dad because they are so absorbed and distracted by their smart phone? I recently found myself in a nearby school. By the reception desk was a sign asking parents not to use their phones in front of their children. I was practically doing somersaults when I saw that sign because I thought it was a great idea. The whole experience inspired me to speak to parenting expert Sue Atkins about the impact of parents being hooked to their mobile phones 24/7. Not only did she explain that this behaviour sends a bad message to children, but that it can place them in real physical danger. Have you, for example, ever seen a mum or dad pushing a pram while using their smart phone? It's not on heard of for parents to be so distracted by their phone they push the pram into busy roads. You can read my interview with Sue on the blog. A link to the homepage is in the bio. #ukdadbloggers #parents #mums #dads #parenting #children #childcare #pbloggers #ukpbloggers #ukparentbloggers #parentingtips #parentingtip #parentingwin #parentinglife #fatherhood #fatherhoodadvice #fatherhoodmatters #fatherhoodrocks #motherhood #motherhoodrocks

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  1. MANGO LASSI RECIPE: Recently we took the twins to an Indian restaurant and they spotted Mango Lassi on the menu which we ordered and they duly loved! Conor whilst drinks his that evening described his idea of 'The Perfect Breakfast' which was Mango Lassi and Moms Crepes🤣 Well mom ain't making crepes this morning as she has an early morning PT session but she did whizz up a bottle of Mango Lassi last night. 100% natural, wholesome and scrummy! 😘 What you need: 1 EXTREMELY ripe Mango that's soft, juicy and sweet 1 tub of cool creamy natural yoghurt Milk What you do: Prepare the mango (this can be tricky as the stone is huge but YouTube have great tips on how to 😉) Place the mango cube in a blender with a good few dessert spoons of the yoghurt and a splash of milk. Whizz until you have a really smooth mango lassi consistency, it should be slightly thick. You can sweeten with a pinch of sugar if your mango isn't very ripe. . . #MyKtchenTable #myfamilyfood #foodie #fblogger #foodlover #eat #healthy #instafood #instagood

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