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  1. Co owner and Exercise Physiologist Jason doing what Jason does. You'd be hard pressed to find someone that trains harder or more consistently. Wouldn't be the Hub without his obsessive programming skills to make sure you keep getting fitter, stronger, more mobility and just moving better all round no matter your abilities.

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  1. BODY COMPOSITION 🌡 • Whilst DEXA is the gold to determine the FFM:LMM ratio, they can be costly if one is monitoring body composition over a period of time. • Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) is also a fantastic way to measure body composition, and is quite foreign too many in the fitness industry population. • BIA analyses the speed at which electrical impulses travel through your body, then substituting obtained data into pre-determined equations to calculate and estimated body composition and segmental breakdown of limbs/trunk. • For body composition purposes, BIA does the same as a DEXA, just requires a few more guidelines to follow prior to screening and is far less costly. • BIA is superior to skin fold testing (primarily because so many people are not qualified or even know what they are doing) but inferior to DEXA, yet, a trade-off with practicality and cost.

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  1. Something we love to do is sit down with every new face that comes through our space to find out what brought you here (Coogee Beach) so we can work with you to make a plan to move forward in the best way possible for you. Don't stress, it's on the house and it's also not a sales pitch. We just like to look after people that take the time to come down to our space. Get in touch via the website or email link.