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  1. My secret power. 💕 I'll let y'all in on something... Since I woke up Monday morning, I've only had ..ONE HOUR of sleep!! It's Thursday night!! I've drove to dallas twice and then to Gainesville. I can't imagine doing this without my products. I'm so glad I'm not surviving on gas station food and caffeine to get me through. If you want to know what's so magical about these products, I'll be happy to share.❤️ #plantbased #energy #pinkdrink #roadtrip #guthealth #hydrate #shiftwork

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  1. Say What?!?! Akkermansia is a GOOD bacteria found in the human gut. It is a more resent discovery... early 2000's. After clinical trials, reports showed higher amounts of weight loss and belly fat as well as improved blood glucose balance after increasing the participant's Akkermansia by 100 times..... This is where it gets good....research has shown the XOS prebiotic that is in our new Plexus Slim INCREASES Akkermansia by 250 times....... UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! Like CRAZY unbelievable! This is so exciting!! I'm telling you this new drink is AMAZING! #akkermansia #plexus #plexusslim #pinkdrink #nongmo #plantbased #healthyandfreeliving #naturalenergy

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  1. You guys know I often share information on the Plexus supplements I use, but today I want to focus on the Plexus business opportunity. I joined Plexus for the products and wholesale pricing, but then realized that this was an opportunity like no other! Opportunities for #RESIDUAL supplementary income for those EXTRAS like family weekend trips 😉 and traveling! So let me share a little about the biz today. Here is some brief info you may find interesting: ❣️If you have a phone, tablet or computer then you have everything you need to operate your own Plexus business. Yes, you can run your own business from your phone. ❣️Our​ highest ranked ambassadors literally have no financial cap. None. When you reach the top rank in Plexus, you can re-enroll under yourself and double rank. ❣️No parties, NO inventory, or product deliveries are necessary. Customers order directly from your website (that is included in the cost of your sign up for only $34.95/YR) and the products are delivered to their door step! You get compensated for sharing about products you love. EVEN if you don’t want to share it, you can still join and get your products for wholesale cost with no commitments. Plus...you earn commission on what YOU purchase as well. ❣️ Plexus DOES NOT require you to purchase monthly. If you decide not to order, nothing happens. No auto-shipments will be sent to you if choose not to have any. You can literally work this business without EVER purchasing a single product (I order because I LOVE them). ❣️There’s not a single person that couldn’t benefit from at least one product in our line. Our probiotic, omegas, and multivitamin are both incredible and affordable. We don't have a "target demographic". Everyone needs Plexus! ❣️"Pyramid scheme?” Absolutely not! Our compensation plan actually allows you to rank faster than those above you (very unusual in the network marketing industry) And...we are backed by Morgan Stanley!! ❣️ We grew over 16,000% in 3 years and are debt free! We designed our own compensation plan which pays eleven different ways. Maybe it's time to try plexus. Comment below for details #RESIDUAL #weightloss #pinkdrink #weightlossjourney #protein #success