41 0 08-04-2017
  1. This week has been insane. I feel like every minute has been filled with something I need to do. Adulting is so fun (can you sense my sarcasm). Our initial human reaction to not being in your comfort zone is to complain or be negative. But I took a step back on my drive home and really thought about my week and as hectic as it was, I realized that God was just doing what I asked, filling my cup. Every thing that I am doing is for a reason. Case in point, waiting until the last possible minute to get gas on my home tonight and talking to the lady across the gas pump from me because she saw my hat. I never talk to people at the gas station. My cup is so full in all aspects of my life, especially Plexus. I ended tonight with a 2 hour dinner with one of my friends who was brought back into my life because of Plexus. The lesson to take from this is to never take anything for granted, even your moments of craziness πŸ’• . . . #friyay #friday #fridayvibes #tgif #adulting #life #lifehappens #everythinghappensforareason #blessed #stressed #plexusobsessed #plexus #crazy #joy #choosejoy #happy #healthy #mycuprunnethover #instahappy #dogmom #mylife #mylifebelike

75 2 09-12-2016
  1. I love working on me. I love being happy and healthy! I LOVE getting sleep and feeling rested! Most of all I love making money while being able to live a better life!! #plexusobsessed