1 0 30-04-2017
  1. I must be out of my mind to join another @cyogalab challenge in a row but I have this terrible craze to challenge myself and, as Carmen says, it keeps us humble! So let's untangle ourselves! 😉🙃 * #Repost @cyogalab with @instatoolsapp ・・・ Announcing May's challenge #UntangleMe! 🌀 think of this as a 28-day ‘twister game’ or a ‘spring cleanser’. Throughout this month we’re going to work on a number of backbends, hip openers, arm balances, standing poses, inversions, that will improve not just your flexibility but it’ll help you detoxify, massage some inner organs, deepen your breathing range, help cleanse the nervous system, rest the mind and make you feel more calmed, rejuvenated and centered. As usual, some poses, especially towards the end, might be outside our ‘comfort zone’, to challenge our brains, stimulate, help us grow and keep us humble. Some others, you’ll find useful and I welcome you to incorporate them in your personal practice, so you constantly tweak/readjust it, like you were making a suit that feels like a second skin. Every day I’ll offer variations as well as a thorough explanation on how to get there, what to work on, visualizations, tips and ideas to try, regardless of your skill level. Only an eager mind is required, the rest will come with time and #practice!! As usual: 1️⃣ follow @cyogalab 2️⃣ repost this calendar, share it (easier if you do it with someone) 3️⃣ comment, post, participate and spread the #yogalove Notice how much a whole month practicing detoxifying poses can do for you. Dive and let’s go for it! Besides us, our friends at @livesankalpa will be sponsoring with their beautiful yoga mats/towels 😄🙌 Get ready and let’s do this!!! We start May 1st… yessss!!!! 🎉