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  1. II. If she asks, “What's the matter?” Tell her that you feel like that reality­­-- that reality has been sus­­-- suspended. Tell her that her eyes­­ -- that her eyes that they, her eyes, they ­­-- it's like throwing stones down a deep, deep well waiting for a terminal echo that will not come. They will fall though space forever. & pause for a very long time before you continue Tell her that, perched on the edge between here and ­­-- all those moments; all that time all together; whatever the fuck is at the bottom of a black hole ­­-- all of it, is dreadfully electrifying. Don't tell her that you've never been ­­ well, maybe once or twice ­­-- might have never been down here before and will do everything you aren't supposed to do at the bottom of a black hole looking down the well that goes, like,  who fucking knows where. If you find yourself out of superposition, make sure you are still firmly in the bed of the Chevy. Drive all the way there in the Bedouin's pickup just to walk all the way back. Stardate: Erstwhile Inboard engine blew a head gasket­­ no means to procure a new one­­ leaves us dead in the water. #neverforget #refusetoremeber #powerless #womensempowerment #countryvalues #tankfiction #dread #killertan #python #lovesick #deadhorse