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  1. Baby love 💕 I've had such a different experience being a mum this time around. I have felt that immediate sense of being totally in love with this little girl, and a deep connection to her. Sadly, I didn't have that feeling the first time around. It took me time to fall in love with Billy, and I was so freaked out about the whole experience- horrible birth, post-natal depression- that I just didn't know who I was until I went on anti-depressants when he was about 2. So for those two years, I was just self-medicating with wine (white too- the worst!!) and being miserable with no idea why. I went through a lot of counselling and tried lots of different ways to manage my anxiety and depression. But it wasn't until I went on medication that I could actually see what an amazing life I was living and just how lucky I am. It makes me sad to think of that lost time, but also grateful that at least it didn't go on even longer. So I am truly madly deeply in love with my babies, and even though they seriously test every fibre of my being at times, I wouldn't have life any other way 😍