13 2 23-03-2017
  1. ✨👸🏾I walked into a Sephora today to pick up a few more colours to play with this spring not only was my shopping experience awesome, but I walked away feeling so proud. We were all being represented in the store. Black women, South Asian women, East Asian Latiny women, Muslim women, Trans women, Fat women, disabled women, Indigenous women, White women, Queer women... And men. Yes men. All of these people working together pushing the boundaries of beauty, masculinity, femininity, self-expression and what it means to express oneself physically without fear and in full liberation. ___ As a society it is our responsibility to arrive at an understanding that human bodies are valuable, all human bodies deserve to be treated with respect, all human bodies deserve to be seen and heard, all human bodies are beautiful and WE are all human beings PERIOD. _ As conscious people it is our responsibility to stand up for one another no matter how different we may be. It is up to us to ensure that our differences bring us together, or they will tear us apart. The future is in our hands. Well done Sephora I hope that this is the way your company demonstrates diversity all the way up the corporate ladder. Xo Renée💋 _ #moderndaywisewoman #selflove #selflovejourney #sephora #makeup #effyourbeautystandards #intersectional