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  1. Why Emma Watson Should Be Everyone's Role Model I can certainly come up with an infinite amount of fantastic reasons why Emma Watson is the perfect role model, but for me there are some main factors that make her special. Emma values education. As if it isn't hard enough to maintain stellar performance in her acting career, imagine being engrossed by college stuffs at the same time, at an Ivy League nonetheless. And yes, Emma graduated with a degree from Brown. She did that! Emma advocates equality. Emma spent her time promoting education for girls in Africa and hearing first-hand stories about inequality. She delivered inspiring at UN headquarter where she launched #HeForShe campaign. Yes, she practices what she preaches! Emma rejected Cinderella and went to play Belle at the "Beauty and The Beast". Compared to Cinderella, Belle is more empowering character, she's in charge of her own destiny. Belle discovers, defends her right for education, and promotes literacy. Emma is Belle in a real life. Even Malala, another powerful women, has told Emma that she's the reason that she considers herself a feminist in their interview. To sum up; Emma uses her voice to support positive things in this world! Watch Emma's moving speech on gender equality at UN Headquarter here: https://youtu.be/gkjW9PZBRfk Watch Emma interviewing Malala on feminism here: https://youtu.be/NKckKStggSY #EmmaWatson #rolemodel #equality #education #HeForShe #campaign

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