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  1. Tell her she can't make a living as a network marketer. Tell her she can't build an international business on social media. Tell her she can't run that business from her cell phone. Tell her she can't use her leadership skills for a true business opportunity. Tell her she can't make a huge financial impact on her family. Tell her she can't show her daughter that you can be home and have a thriving career. Tell her she can't uplift, validate, and empower men and women in her life. Tell her she can't love her work and build a generous income like she never thought possible. Tell her she can't use her work for the betterment of others. Tell her she can't support other men and women and teach them to do the same. Tell her people aren't interested. Tell her she can't. THEN WATCH HER DO IT! If I had listened to all the negative comments about network marketing, about health supplements, to all of the ignored messages when I reached out to friends, to all the Facebook post bashing supplements or at-home businesses.....I would have run the other direction a long time ago. But thankfully I listened to the purpose and plan that the Lord had set for me, and listened to my heart, and went with my passion. There was no way I could keep that from others. Plexus truly works. I get messages all the time of health victories, financial victories, and personal growth in my friends' lives and it reminds me constantly that what I'm doing is changing the lives of so many. I am so thankful that Plexus was put in my life and that I tried it despite my fear and skepticism. I can tell you that it would be the best thing ever to lock arms with you and change lives together! Trust me, this has absolutely changed my life. What if this could change everything for you too??? #fitfam #healthandhappiness #bossbabe #rolemodel #workfromanywhere #buildanempire #helpingothers

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  1. Messy hair + sweat = great workout, right? Not my best effort, but it got the job done for sure! Overslept by an hour. No time for the scheduled double workout - so I'll just keep track of stairs & other misc exercises I do throughout the day. Appointment this afternoon & whether Dr prescribes/orders it or not, I can tell an earlier bedtime will be on my list of things to do for today. #earlymorningworkout #breakfastclub #nevermissamonday #championshipfight #fightforit #fitness #fitmom #momoftwo #settinganexample #inspireothers #supermom #rolemodel #smileandsweat