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  1. Give your customers / patrons / fans / followers / supporters etc. dreams of being seen, being needed, becoming independent, relieving anxiety, becoming powerful, making someone proud, fitting in, seen as special, mattering, taken care of, loved. - Give them these in ample doses to eclipse the fears of being ashamed, feeling stupid, being rejected, being left out, getting hurt, being embarrased, left alone, dying. - Your job as builder is to show them a path to enriching their lives - selling products and services is merely a result of that. - This is the WÜLF's calling. 📡 - #MULFMAB #businessbuilders #brandbuilders #dealmakers #cultureconnectors #Beawolfaboutyourdream #MYUBERLIFE #WULFcalling #Dreamsvsfears #Sethgodin

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  1. 44% of online shopping begins using a search engine. . Look at our last post for tips on how to start using the search engines to grow your Ecommerce store. . Email or DM us with any problems you are facing. We would love to chat!

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  1. "Freedom isn't the ability to do whatever you want. It's the willingness to do whatever you want." - Seth Godin // I believe in the good things coming 💫

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  1. Morning routine completed with a few unexpected things - i.e. Brock and. Chocolate donut (I think the donut won 😂) glad he didn't have on clothes - in my defense he wasn't supposed to go on the car ride to school but he climbed in and there are certain battles I choose not to fight (parenting 101). But my day is set and I have my critical things to accomplish - this day will be great! #momstrong #sethgodin #icaneasilyhandletheunexpected #permissionmarketing #hesluckyhescute #chocolatedonuts🍩 #pickyourbattles #parenting101 #brockanthony