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  1. • HELLO • COFFEE • ANYONE • ? • Hey dear, in my photo my favorite watch. What are your plans for today? it's raining here 😢🌧🌧 . . Cześć kochani na hasło Singer.m.o.m macie 15% rabatu na cały nie przeceniony asortyment u @time_and_more A tak po za tym to u mnie pada deszcz wiec dziś siedzimy w domu, zatem zapraszam do wspólnej kawy i powiedzcie co tam u was i pogodę jaka macie. Miłego dnia 😘

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  1. Beach bums taking a stroll...in other words mama follows toddler wherever she wants to go....there's no other way right?

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  1. Let me share with you this beautiful bouquet of my new favorite flowers 🌷 Yesterday was my mother's birthday and because I wanted to create for her a special bouquet of flowers, I discovered ranunculus and it was love at first sight ❤️ 〰 FUNNY FACT about us: I don't like roses and I don't like to receive them. That's funny because Razvan used to gave me a rose daily when we start dating until I said to him to stop doing it. He was confused at first because he thought he was romantic, but I explained to him that I'm more a chocolate kind of girl and if he'll ever want to give me flowers again, it's better to not be roses 😊 〰 Well, I guess we all appreciate the gifts we receive in different ways, but hey, am I the only one who loves chocolate more than flowers?😂 • • • Beautiful photo by @figandtwigs