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  1. Dear my first born, 29 May 2017 marks the day of your sisterhood. We made you the boss. Leader of your pack. Dear my first born, We may need to always cradle your sister, we may need to give her extra attention for the time being. But afterall, when I first held her in my arms, I can see a part of you staring back at me. Dear my first born, I learnt a lot from you. You taught me love is unconditional. You taught me that I do not have to be perfect in others eyes, because we are already perfect for each other. Most of all my dear first born, You made me wiser, you made me better, you made me whole, you made me a mother first. And for all of that, I thank you, and I love you. #nadramohdfairus #girlssquad #sisters #daughters #daddysgirls #mommiesbestfriendsforlife