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  1. #InstagramTips: Stories- Using Them To Promote Sales/New Blog Posts/etc ____________________________________________ What is the benefit of using stories in the first place? - Many people want the “perfectly curated” Instagram feed. They may have a new blog post coming up but want to offer a little sneak peek to get their followers excited about the post. Or perhaps you are a business and are having a sale soon. - You can utilize the stories feature to promote sales and show the behind the scenes looks at new blog posts. This is also a great way to post multiple times throughout the day to promote these things without posting to your feed multiple times a day! ____________________________________________ 📌What do you use the stories feature for? ___________________________________________ For more TheSocialMediaPosse.com Instagram Strategy discussion check out ->> ➡️ Facebook Group: Instagram Posse ➡️ Ready to up your engagement? CommentPods.com ➡️ E-Course Guide Books: TheSocialMediaPosse.com/Guides

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  1. Seadev is proud to announce the launch of our new website design for Green Shoots, an accredited international school in central Vietnam that offers a sustainable education to children from 18 months to 16 years old in Hoi An and Danang. http://greenshootscampus.edu.vn/ Seadev tự hào thông báo việc hoàn thành xong một sản phẩm website mới dành cho khách hàng Trường Quốc tế Green Shoots. Green Shoots là một trường quốc tế được công nhận ở miền trung Việt Nam, cung cấp chương trình giáo dục bền vững cho trẻ em từ 18 tháng đến 16 tuổi ở Hội An và Đà Nẵng. #Seadev #WebsiteDevelopment #WebDevelopment #SocialMediaMarketing #Vietnam #Danang #HoiAn #WebsiteDesign #GreenShootsInternationalSchool #ESL #EnglishAsASecondLanguage