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  1. - It's because of you I'm standing here, You changed my outlook on life. Because of you I'm alive and breathing Not six feet under suffocating. This world isn't pretty, Not in the way it should be. Society rules all here, they make the rules They decide who's worthful or worthless. Maybe they decide who lives or dies. But maybe you finally taught me your ways, Your ways to survive this world's deadly maze. And that people are merely background characters In a book called life. //-you taught me how to be myself @khaoticevil

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  1. Rise & shine 🌍! Work in progress here as I play around with the #ashtangaintermediateseries or #nadisodhana ! Yes, having fun, "playing my edge": this approach allows me to put my #ego aside and simply work on more advanced poses in a more relaxed way. See, I used to take my practice very seriously, the same way I take my life and myself very seriously. Not anymore, not my life, myself, not my practice. My time will come and I won't feel any different or win anything in particular just because I was able to complete #thirdseriesashtanga , or because I was the best in the industry or because I changed those things I didn't like about me or around me... "You don't have to be worthy, fuck being worthy. If you succeed, If you get the promotion, If you win the race, you won't be loved more. You have to shake off that illusion. Love isn't something that anyone can give you. It's not something you have to beg for, earn or deserve. You don't have to be worthy. You only have to be alive, and you are worthy. Because you are inseparable from the stars, the mountains, the rustling trees in the meadow. And you follow the breath as it rises and falls. And you make room in yourself for long-neglected feelings of #shame , #fear , unworthiness, #sorrow . You learn to trust the body, its rhythms, the way it tries to protect itself, its unpredictability, its feelings of unsafety. You breathe into the sore places, make them safe. (Safe to even feel unsafe; that is #freedom .) To love the parts that feel unlovable; that is the love you always dreamed about, the love you never have to deserve". Jeff Foster. 😊🙏